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What is Empowerment? And What is TOO Much?

April 29, 2007

In an article posted on POPSUGAR, Christina  comments on being a strong woman in a man’s world: “I’m extra sensitive and have my dukes up because I witnessed a lot of shit in my household with my father and mother, and I wanted to make sure that I was never going to feel powerless or helpless to a man. That’s why I think I do have this overconfidence with my sexuality because I feel empowered by it, and I love being in control of every facet of what I do.”

The most obvious thing about Christina Aguilera is that she’s very comfortable with her sexuality.  Though her sexuality has also been her biggest mark of controversy, she remains consistent in how she feels about her sexuality.  She’s confident.  She’s in control of herself.  But is her sexual confidence really working to empower her as she claims?

By putting herself out there, is she really gaining power?  Though I am happy that she feels just that confident with herself, I often wonder how much of her sexual openness can give her empowerment.  Or is her sexuality too much?  Is there a certain line that she crosses (or has crossed) that takes away her control and hands it over to the spectators?