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Just a Commodity?

May 10, 2007

So Christina claims to be doing Spanish language music because it’s a side of her since she’s Hispanic, but even now she doesn’t really talk about being a Latina in any interviews.  Is her Hispanic heritage just a commodity that she can use to crossover with more ease without seeming as if she’s using the young, Latino population?  Or is she really interested in her Hispanic identity and is trying to be faithful by sharing her music with the Latino world?  Still, Christina isn’t only doing Spanish music, she’s also using her appeal to Latinos by doing commercials.  The video below is of a Spanish Coca-Cola commercial that features Christina.  Ultimately, the message/fantasy here is that by drinking Coke, the young girl can become Christina Aguilera! 


Crossing Over

May 9, 2007

In the late nineties, Latin Pop was becoming a phenomenon because popular American Pop stars were crossing over into Latin Pop by putting out Spanish versions of their songs.  Established artists like Diddy to Spice Girl Geri Haliwell (her single, Mi Chico Latino, hit it big in England) were joining the Latin craze.  In 1999, Spanish-language music sales increased twelve percent in the United States!  Soon enough, Christina Aguilera was emphasizing her own Hispanic Heritage (her father is Ecuadorian) and she released her first Spanish album, Mi Reflejo, in 2000.  Despite being half-hispanic and her mother being a Spanish teacher, Christina is not fluent in Spanish.   Christina had to take Spanish lessons in order to record the album.  Mi Reflejo had Spanish versions of her English songs and also some new Spanish songs. 

In reference to her Hispanic heritage and to other music artists crossing over into the Latin world, Christina has said, ”It’s a side that’s a part of me.  It kind of makes me mad because I hear about a lot of other people who just want to jump on the bandwagon.”  How is she not on the bandwagon with everyone else?  Does her being half-hispanic give her some kind of authencity in putting out Spanish songs?  Christina’s heritage was not emphasized in the media when she was first rising to stardom.  And even now, not everyone is aware that she is hispanic (I have a friend who just learned of her being hispanic when I told him I was writing this post).  I have to question if she just jumped on the bandwagon too especially after seeing how well her first Spanish album did.  Look how well her Spanish album has done:  Read the rest of this entry ?