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Christina & Jordan

May 20, 2007

In the last post I discussed Christina’s marriage and if it possibly changed her. One of her newer songs, “Save Me From Myself,” is dedicated to her husband, Jordan. In a Cosmopolitan interview, Christina talks about Jordan and this song: “He’s helped me heal a lot. ‘Save Me From Myself’ really just means having that one person in your life who is able to pick you up and pull you out when you get in those dark spaces in yourself and are dwelling on the negative. They get you to look at all the bright and beautiful things around you.”  A part of her evolution comes from finding a man who has helped her deal with her past and deal with negativity.  After the jump, there’s a video that shows pictures of Christina and Jordan with the song playing in the background. Read the rest of this entry ?


Dual Meanings

May 12, 2007

In the October 2006 issue of Cosmopolitan, there’s an article titled, “Stupid Boob Behavior.”  The questions the article tries to examine are: “Why are so many young women making their breasts public property?  And who really ends up getting the best end of this deal–the girls who say all this flaunting makes them feel empowered and free or the men ogling them?”  These questions parallel the same questions I’ve put out there and have been trying to answer.  And the second question being asked definitely applies to Christina Aguilera and other women (famous or not) who are exposing their bodies in some way.  Read the rest of this entry ?