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Christina Aguilera is an American Pop and R&B singer and songwriter.  She has also been the center of controversy when it comes to her ever-changing image.  When she first became well-known to the world in 1999, she showed up in music videos as a bubblegum pop artist, but then with the release of her second album, Stripped, she revealed a much more provocative image that brought heavy criticism from her American fans.  She even gave herself the alias “Xtina,” to refer to her darker side. 

So what does Christina’s changing images tell about her identity as a woman?

And what does this mean in our culture today?  How is Christina Aguilera demonstrating “girl power”?

This blog is here to look at all sides of Ms. Aguilera and hopefully, it will be able to examine and define the influence of Christina in the girl power revolution.

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