The Anti-Britney

May 21, 2007

britneychristina.jpgSince Britney Spears has been all over the media because of some very questionable behaviors, Christina has become the “antibritney.” Britney has publicly shaved her head, exposed her crotch numerous times, almost dropped her baby, admitted herself into rehab, etc…

The infamous(?) Perez Hilton seemingly praises Christina, which is very rare to see on his website that follows Hollywood stars. He refers to Christina as the “antibritney,” because she’s so much more classy than the Britney of late. In a post on Christina, Perez writes, “Christina Aguilera can go out and have a good time, but girlfriend knows her priorities. She can keep it in check, and she doesn’t even have two kids!” Christina and Britney have always been held against each other since they first came to stardom around the same time. Now, though, Christina is clearly leading the race with her recent hit songs and her lack of negative exposure in the media.

When a journalist from Access Hollywood asked Christina how she exited limos without revealing her private parts, Christina responded, “Um, are you setting me up to say keep your legs closed. There’s a proper way to make sure privates are kept private. That’s just my personal take on exiting a limo.”

I wondered about this response because she’s avoiding saying to keep your legs closed, which could be opposite to the message and image she puts out. By saying, “keep your legs closed,” she would be saying something different about sexuality. What makes her the antibritney? Is it because she hasn’t completely exposed her private parts? Though women are much more sexual now, there’s still some expectations to keep it classy.


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