An Evolution?

May 20, 2007

christina-now.jpgThe Christina Aguilera of now looks like she came out of the old glamorous Hollywood with her platinum-blond hair and her bright red lipstick, but she dresses like the Hollywood of now. Actually, she looks like another version of the well-known Marilyn Monroe. Gone are the overly-revealing clothes and the many piercings she once had. You can’t help to see Christina in a different light. With this new look comes a new image–a new meaning for who she is. There seems to be this sophistication present in her look and even some maturity. One solid word comes to mind: Classy. In the picture on the left, there is also something else rather noticeable: a stunning engagement ring. Christina married Jordan Bratman in November of 2005. Has marriage turned Christina into the woman she is right now? Has love changed her?

During the first year of her marriage, Christina came out with her fourth album, Back to Basics in August 2006. The album features two discs. The first disc has music that she is reminiscent of what she is famous for, and the second disc is more of a tribute to her musical influences like Billie Holiday, Otis Redding, and Etta James.

Both discs also touch on her troubled upbringing. Christina has said that she’s in a happier state now and just basically content with life. Though Christina’s music has a different side to it now, she still sounds like herself. She’s not as revealing but she’s still a very sexual woman.

In Back to Basics, there’s one song that brings you back to Christina’s old image. One song, “Still Dirrty,” reminds you that her look may have changed but she’s still just as sexual and can be just as provocative. The song is also tackling the tabloids and people that say love has changed her. When asked about, “Still Dirrty,” Christina has said jordanxtina.jpgthat the song is, “my tongue-in-cheek way of addressing the things I’ve seen in tabloids about my ‘new image.’ It’s me looking at these things and kind of laughing. ‘Oh, she changed because she’s in love!’ Sexuality will always be a part of the way I express myself artistically.” However, her sexuality has moved more out of the spotlight and into her bedroom. It’s almost like she doesn’t need to show the world because she has her man to show it to. Yet, I feel that Christina is always trying to tell women to be more free. In the song, she questions, “Why is a woman’s sexuality always under so much scrutiny? Why can’t she do exactly as she please without being called a million things?” The female gender is so much more scrutinized in general than the male gender. Women can’t be sexual beings without also being put under other labels like slut or whore. Christina, in a way, is showing how it is to be a real sexual woman and not give a damn. The lyrics go on to say, “There’s some women out there who talk and stare, who never seem to let down their hair, like to past judgment, but they’re just scared, and don’t know what they’re missing, so they better beware.” Christina is speaking to the women who judge her, and telling them that they are just not comfortable with themselves and their sexuality so can’t understand. She’s telling women that they need to be in touch with their sexuality because that is part of being a woman. Sexuality shouldn’t be a bad thing. But another question here may be, Where does sexuality belong? Should sexuality not be in the public?


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