She’s Hot…

May 15, 2007

The popular Men’s magazine, Maxim, has ranked Christina Aguilera as number 4 on their Hot 100 Women List of 2007. She ranks underneath Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, and Lindsay Lohan (number 1). The first time Christina was on the cover of Maxim, it became the all-time best-selling issue.

A noticeable part of the women in the top 20 of the list are women of color or of some ambiguous background. AND most of the women are known for having more curvier bodies, which I found interesting. These women are being marked as hot because of their sex appeal. Now, skinny women like Kate Moss are being criticized for their “waifish” bodies.

Skinny women are out, thicker women are in. The definition of a hot woman has definitely changed. A woman’s sex appeal has to do with her curvy body. The Hot 100 list was obviously showing a specific type of beauty that is being recognized now. Looking through the list, I realized how many more mixed-race women there are in Hollywood. These curvier bodies that are being prized now have usually been associated with women of color. Does this mean that women of color are being much more eroticized now? What does this say for the position of women of color? Also, where does Christina stand in this? Is she actually considered Latina by fans, and does this label make her more eroticized than she is already?


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