Battle of the Covers

April 13, 2007

Britney Spears, 1999

Christina Aguilera, 2000

Christina Aguilera, Rolling Stone no. 844/845, July 2000 Photographic Print by Mark Seliger

Now the question is: which cover is more liked or accepted?

The answer: Britney Spears’ April 1999 cover.

Even though there was a lot of controversy over Britney’s being only seventeen years old when she posed so sexually, that cover was more liked than Christina’s cover. Why? Christina is always criticized for being more direct with her sexuality. In contrast to Britney’s cover shot, Christina is calling attention by using her tongue and her unbuttoned shorts. Her opened shorts show she’s ready to have fun. But it’s more than the sexual surface that makes one cover more liked than the other. There also seems to be a standard of beauty that is more admired. Britney has tanned skin with lights accentuating her toned body. Christina pales in comparison to Britney’s body. She doesn’t have the bronzed skin and her hair is white, blonde. The way Christina holds her body is also not very pleasing because of the way her hip bone angles out. Most importantly, she’s not being sensual in the way Britney is, which makes Christina less appealing. In Britney’s photograph, some innocence is trying to be kept, which becomes very obvious when you notice the purple teletubby.

Women are constantly being marketed as sexual objects. Yet, when women choose to be outwardly sexual, they are looked down upon. Why can’t a woman be comfortable and confident with her sexuality instead of having to be subtle about it? Not only are we setting standards for sexuality, but we are setting standards for beauty.


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